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Natural SEO Strategies For Startups

Organic SEO For Startups
Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to ensure that potential customers discover your website on search engines. SEO brings free visitors to your website, so consider SEO a long-term investment in your business.


Search engines prefer sites that offer useful, well-written content that is relevant to a person's search query. As you learn more about white-hat SEO you will hear about keywords, which are the phrases people type into search engines to find websites like yours. Generally, if you write about your product and how it would benefit your website visitor, the keywords will already be present in your content.

Avoid industry jargon, unless you are a B2B firm. Use the words and phrases a typical member of your target audience would use to find what you offer. If you have opened a local business, naturally incorporate the names of the communities that you serve in your content.

Social Media & Review Sites

Off-site SEO refers to any SEO efforts that take place on other websites, such as Facebook. Social media plays a role in any effective natural SEO service, as Google sees social popularity as a sign that your consumers will find your business applicable to their query. Local businesses should use Google's Local Guides to claim your place on Google maps, which will help you to reach consumers using mobile devices.

Claim your Yelp listing or your listing on review websites pertinent to your industry. Strive to obtain positive reviews, however, neutral or negative reviews are useful as well, since you gain insight on how consumers view your startup.

Algorithm Updates

While Google keeps updating its algorithm to furnish better results, if you are writing your content for your visitors and building links naturally, do not worry about the updates. Organic SEO takes a few months to show results. Cheating to get to the top faster will result in a penalty, however, if you have hired a reputable SEO firm to do the work while you concentrate on your startup, they will adhere to Google’s best practices.

Let your passion for your startup show in your content and on social media and you will find SEO comes to you naturally.

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