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Disaster Recovery Demystified on Private Cloud Hosting Providers

Disaster Recovery Options For Private Cloud Hosting Providers


A 2017, CIO.com article says that the greatest worries that cause IT executives to lose sleep at night is downtime; 42% of them believe having the budget reduced for what is needed to help when disaster recovery (DR) occurs should be very low on the list of budget cuts.

Oracle private cloud disaster recovery and Cloud Appliance with Oracle Enterprise Manager Site Guard has push-button plans for when disaster recoveries should happen that have switchovers and failovers among other things. Integrated support for Oracle ZFS storage appliance is part of the Operation Plans, and it can be extended as well as customized for additional storage appliances which include third-party appliances.

Here we can see how a comprehensive DR architecture for Private Cloud Appliance enabled through Oracle Enterprise Manager with Site Guard works for most of the common DR mechanisms.

The PCA DR solution addresses the following three primary circumstances: switchovers, failovers, and migration.

A switchover is a planned transition of a workload from one site to another site. There needs to be a good place for a switchover for when things go wrong. If you have a site to site as well as active-standby DR strategy and something goes wrong, Oracle Enterprise Manager with Site Guard can be used to switch operations from your main site to a back-up site by pushing a single button which stops applications at your main site and ultimately switches storage repositories to your secondary site. Your service level objectives – recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) -- can be confidently met by using the automation built into the Oracle solution.

A failover is an unplanned transition of a workload from one site to another that is executable in like manner on the Private Cloud Appliance. With a correctly set up failover operations plan on Oracle Enterprise Manager with Site Guard, unexpected mishaps can be overcome by using the built-in intelligence to stand up applications in your secondary site which will make certain that RTOs and RPOs are met.

Also, keep in mind that with Oracle Enterprise Manager with Site Guard more can be done than simply just disaster recovery. Migration of a workload can be done from one site to another permanently. Furthermore, even data from a Test/Dev environment in the Cloud can be migrated to a production environment on-premises. Therefore, a truly hybrid cloud model can be achieved because you are able to migrate both your private and public clouds using Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Finally, you can see step-by-step examples of common switchover and failover operation plans in our Disaster Recovery 101 with Oracle Private Cloud Application webcast.


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